17 augusts 2014


So im ended up in Finland and the plan is to take all the possible opportunities to get to the forest as there is.
The week started awfully bad as i caught some cold ( as a result of > unbearable sun, some swims and loads of cold drinks). But i tried to ignore it. Monday night had a fever, felt like im dying , but it ended quit fast and Wednesday i was able to run.
3day was not my lucky day as i was misinformed about exact place. I was waiting for ~30min and no one turned up, so i decided to leave. One my way back I luckily met some one, and i get a map. Next day i did some running but i was so happy and excited that i forgot about orienteering, at the end I had about 30 min in mistakes ( i was lost half a race). The 2nd and 3rd made most of the trouble. But forgot to take my garmin so no fun for you. But i will improve! :D results
As previously I contacted Jani Lakanen, Saturday i had a possibility to join Vaajakosken Terä training and do some orienteering. There was one on Friday as well, but it was too far as im only with the bike. Some results.
 So now i have feeling that in these forests is impossible to run. It is so hard with those rocks and stones ... 
Today went to see "Lets run extreme" run and get some maps from Jani. 
I should say that people here is really nice and helpful.